Tuesday, February 14, 2012

K-Con 2012.1

So, woke up Saturday morning at 6:00AM after only 3 hours of sleep to stroll down to Eoin O' Mahony's gaff to board the 80's Funwagon that was Eoin's Golf up to Dublin along with Merv, Barry and Donal.

What I was bringing to Dublin with me was a Non-Scoring Blood Angel list that is lovingly entitled The Funwagon. This is the List:

10 Death Company, 2 Power Weapons, Power Fist, Lemartes
Death Company Dreadnought, Blood Talons
Storm Raven, Extra Armour, Assault Cannons, Multi-Melta

Total: 995pts

By the time we got up to Dublin it was gone 10:00AM and the lads in Dublin were waiting for us to arrive before starting, how nice of them. As we walked through Dublin looking for Gamersworld, made the statement of "Did you know that is the tallest spire in all of Dublin?"

This is the tallest Spire in the Pale, Allegedly.

So after arriving I was paired up with a Tau player and Warhead, Oisin McCormac. This was a really bad army for mine to face as it had plenty of Plasma and Railguns.

His list from memory was this:

Commander, Plasma, Missile Pods, 2 Shield Drones
2 Bodyguards, Plasma, Missile Pods
3 Crisis Suits, 3 Twin Linked Missile Pods, 2 Gun Drones
10 Fire Warriors, Devilfish
18 Kroot
3 Broadsides, 1 Twin-Linked Plasma Rifle

Mission was Spearhead, 3 Objectives.
I won't go into much detail of this game as I got hammered and nothing really happened. He had 1st Turn, I deployed my Storm Raven in cover. He got 2 Glances on it with Railguns T1 and I failed both cover saves. He then immobilised it. He took out Meph T3 from massed Missile Pod fire. Death company were reduced to 1 model with a Power Weapon by the end of the game. 19-1 to him.

My second game I was matched up with Peter Major, a fellow BA player and also using a Storm Raven. His list was roughly this:

Libby, Epistolary, Unleash Rage, Might of Heroes.
5 Death Company, Power Fist
6 Assault Marines, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist, Storm Shield
5 Sanguinary Guard, Banner, Fist
Storm Raven, Lascannon, Melta, Hurricane's

Mission was Dawn of War, Annihilation.
He gave me the roll for first turn. I deployed Mephiston in cover and the Raven with its load was going to come on in the First Turn. He chose to Deepstrike Everything. My turn 1 the Raven moves on 12." My turn 2 the Raven boosts up next to Mephiston. His Turn 2 and everything bar the Assault Marines arrive. His shooting does nothing at all. 

My turn 3 the Death Company and the Dread hop out of the Raven. My Raven moves 6" next to his ready to unload on the enemy raven. Meph jumps 12" next to the Sanguinary guard. My Raven fails to Damage his Raven with 4 Missiles, the assault cannon and the Melta. My Death Company dread then proceeds to show the raven how its done by blowing it up with his Meltagun. In my assault phase the DC and the DC dread fail to charge his DC. Meph makes all of his Sanguinary Guard explode.

His Turn 3, his assault marines come in and land behind the Dread. They then immobilise it with their plasma pistol after I told him to shoot it and not my DC. He charges my DC with his and I annihilate his thanks to Lemartes. 

My Turn 4 and Meph makes all of the Assault marines explode too. Game over after 20 minutes and a 20-0 to me.

Game 3 was against Rowan Sheridan with Newcrons. His list was this:

Lord, Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Barge
Destroyer Lord, Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs
1 Cryptek, Lance, Pulse
1 Cryptek, Veil
5 Warriors
5 Immortals
5 Deathmarks
5 Wraiths, 2 Whip Coils
Annihilation Barge.

Mission is Pitched Battle, Capture and Control.
I get 1st Turn and deploy the Raven and Meph on the full 12". My turn 1 I boost the Raven towards the Lord in the barge and the aniihilation barge on the left flank with Mephiston bouncing about 8" to not be charged by the wraiths on Turn 1. My shooting blows up the Command Barge from and out of half range melta shot and his Lord gets Pinned!

His Turn 1 and the Wraiths bounce towards the Raven and Meph. His shooting for the barge does nothing and his lance misses the raven. He then charges Meph who was just in range and then multicharges the Raven. Luckily the Mindshackle Scarabs were not in Base with Meph, or the Whip Coils. Meph kills 1 wraith and wins combat. The Destroyer lord takes a fearless save and takes a wound.

My Turn 2 and the Death Company dread gets out, pops smoke and Limbers up to charge the pinned lord. The death company get out and prepare to charge the wraiths and the Lord. My shooting form the raven see's me blow the Tesla gun thingy off of the Annihilation barge. In the assault phase the Death Company wipe the Wraiths with Lemartes taking a wound in return from the Lord :D . The Death company dread destroys the other lord.

His Turn 2 and his Warriors arrive and walk onto his objective. He moves his annihilation barge to kite the Death Company. His shooting does nothing as his Lance bounced off of the Dreads smoke. 

My Turn 3. I move Meph to a more central location on the board to prepare for the deepstriking immortals. The Death company rage towards the Barge. The Raven boosts 24 towards the warriors. The dread Rage's towards the Deathmarks. My shooting see's me kill 4 warriors form the Ravens Assault Cannons. They Hold. 

His Turn 3. His immortals come in and deepstrike about 21-22" away from Meph. Again his shooting is null.

My Turn 4. The death company rage towards the barge preparing to charge. The dread is also in position to charge the Deathmarks. The raven moves a smidgeon. Meph Flies 12" towards the immortals. My shooting see's the warriors annihilated and Meph fleets 6" towards the immortals. In my assault phase Lemartes kills the Barge, the dread wipes the deathmarks and Meph kills 4 immortals, takes 1 wound and then the 4 immortals get back up. I stay in combat.

His turn 4. Meph kills 4 immortals again. He does no wounds, only  3 get back up this time. 

My Turn 5. Meph kills the 4 immortals and Cryptek.

His Turn 6. His Cryptek gets back up and teleports 3" next to my objective. Luckily he scatters 9" and into the Warp. 

Another 20-0 win for me.

Game 4 and I was matched  up against Chaos playing Jamie Byrne. His list was:

Demon Prince, Wings, Warptime
10 Warriors, Meltagun, Chaos Glory, Power Fist
7-8 Berzerkers, Power Weapon, Rhino
8 Summoned Demons
3 Obliterators

Mission was Dawn of War, 4 Objectives(Placed by players).

He wins roll off and deploys his Prince and 10 warriors. I deploy Meph 18" away.

His 1st Turn and his obliterators and 'Zerkers roll on. 

My Turn 1. My raven boosts on. Meph perils on a double 6 and hobbles through terrain. The Raven shoots his rhino and immobilises it. 

His Turn 2. Demons show up. Arrive next to warriors. Shoots the Raven with the Oblits and does nothing. 

My Turn 2. Ravens moves up and Deploys the Dread and the Death Company. Meph flies up next to the demons. Dread charges the warriors and kills 6, gets immobilised but the warriors run off the table. Meph kills 1 demon, the Death company rape the Demon prince and consolidate towards the Oblits keeping more than 1" between themselves. 

His turn 3. Berzerkers get out to charge Meph. His Oblits fall back a few inches. His shooting kills 2 Death Company. Meph gets charged, he kills 4 Berzerkers. They do 2 wounds in return. he loses another berzerker and 2 Demons.

My Turn 4. I charge the oblits and annihilate them. The raven kills the rhino and meph kills the Zerkers. He calls the game here after 20 minutes.

Another 20-0 to me.

Game 5 and I'm Matched up against French player Kevin Salandini with his Dark Eldar.

10 Witches, Power Weapon thingy, Raider
10 Warriors, Cannon
5 Incubi
Razorwing fighter or something.

Mission was Spearhead, Killpoints.
He wins roll to go first and turtles in a corner. I deploy Meph and Reserve the Raven.

His Turn 1 and he shoots Meph and does 2 wounds.

My Turn 1. I fly and run Meph into a piece of Terrain where he cannot be seen by anything.

His Turn 2. He repositions a bit.

My Turn 2. No Raven. Doesnt show till Turn 5.

His Turn 5. He boosts everything.

My Turn 5. Raven boosts on, fires an assault cannon at the Raider hoping to bag a single Kill Point to win but alas it didn't even glance.

Game ends 10-10 after literally a 5 minute game.

I finish on 71/100

I could have possibly finished 1st by getting a good win against Kevin and hoping that Donal and Ralph drew. I was also sitting pretty in 2nd until the very end of the Tournament when Colin Murray got a 20-0 on his last game and Jumped me.

Overall I was very impressed with how the No-Scoring troops list went and I'm now bringing Double Funwagon to Itzacon for the Craic.