Thursday, November 22, 2012

Foot/Jumper Blood Angels: A 6th Ed Review

Death From Above!
So it has been a fair bit of time since my last post, mainly due to things like attending College now so that is taking up a lot of my time. Since my last post however, 6th Edition of 40K has been released and I have been playing around with a few foot and pod lists.

This edition is almost a complete change in the meta from Mech to Infantry. Mech took a big nerfing with new rules such as not being able to assault out of transports unless it is open-topped or an assault vehicle and always hitting vehicles on 3's if they have moved or automatically if they haven't.

This review has come from a request from Merv over at Touched by Greatness as he wanted to see reviews of both sides of the Blood Angels, both Mech and Infantry. Caolan over at the Skibb Wargamers has already finished his review and thoughts on Mech BA and so I will be rounding out the 2 part review of Blood Angels in 6th.

Drop Pods, they're boss.
Some of the first lists I toyed around with for the first 6th Edition tournament were full Drop Pod armies. It was a successful army with it taking 2nd place at Moo6. The army was designed to be an Alpha Strike army with it incorporating many special weapons to take down anything from Grots to Land Raiders. The army was also almost always guaranteed to get First Blood and Linebreaker, two very important secondary objectives in 6th. The list was as follows:

Librarian w/ Blood Lance + Shield, Infernus Pistol, Force Axe
Sanguinary Priest w/ Power Fist, Infernus Pistol 
Sanguinary Priest w/ Power Fist, Infernus Pistol
8 Sternguard, 5 Combi-Plasma, 1 Combi-Melta, 2 Meltaguns, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon
9 Sternguard, 4 Combi-Plasma, 3 Combi-Melta, 2 Meltaguns, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon
10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltaguns, Power Fist, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon
10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltaguns, Power Fist, Drop Pod
5 Assault Marines, Meltagun, Infernus Pistol, Drop Pod

Total : 1500

The list worked exactly like it was supposed to and tore through pretty much everything it was thrown at, the list got 4 wins and 1 loss at Moo6 and that was against a variety of armies such as 4th Ed Chaos, Necrons, Wolves and Demons. It is certainly something I'm going to look at further as 6th Ed progresses.

Devastators, Devastators everywhere.
Recently I have just been playing with Jumpers as they are still my favorite way to play Blood Angels and also, in my opinion the best way to play BA too. The list I'm playing around with now is one that is slightly changed from the one I ran at Moo8 and got 8th with. What I brought to Moo8 was 40 Jumpers with double melta, 2 Jumpy priests with Powerfists, 1 bare bone priest, Jumpy Libby, 3 Devastator squads with 4 rockets, 5 Scouts and an Aegis Defense Line with a Quad Gun.

What I plan to try out now is the following:

Librarian w/ Jump Pack, Sword, Shield, Axe
5 Honour Guard, 4 Meltaguns, Pod
Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack, Power Fist
Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack, Power Fist
10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns
10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns
10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns
5 Scouts, Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles
5 Devastators w/ 4 Plasma Cannons
5 Devastators w/ 4 Missile Launchers
5 Devastators w/ 4 Missile Launchers
Aegis Defense Line w/ Quad Gun

Total : 1850

In this list I have dropped one of the Assault Squads in favor of getting in a Drop Podding Honour Guard to secure me First Blood secondary or to just support the Jumpers even more on their way up the board. They are also a good distraction from other units such as the Plasma Cannon Devastator Squad which is easily able to destroy MEQ squads in one volley. 

Corbulo is going to be the priest that sits at the back with the 3 Devastator squads, Scouts and will man the Quad-Gun. It will be my first time trying him out so I'd like to see how he gets on. He does have a 2+ Feel No Pain after all.

Lastly I am going to discuss allies for Blood Angels. I am of a strong opinion that Blood Angels do not need allies to work but do have benefits in picking up some Guard. Guard give Blood Angels what they lack in the most, cheap infantry. Guard bring 50 man Blobs with Primaris Psykers for around 350 points. The benefits to this is that you have a scary enough blob with re-rolls to hit walking up the field.

The blob acts as a great distraction from your other units that are generally more scary such as the Assault Marines. Now, Merv is a huge fan of Allies in armies, especially Guard allies but myself, I don't like Allies at all, they dilute too much from the actual army in my opinion. 

So there's my thoughts on some Blood Angels foot lists and hope to see some comments/criticism from my fellow nerds.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gin and Tequila

I was not well.

So it has been a while since my last post due mainly to 40k and partly to my Leaving Cert. Since then and now a lot has happened, mainly, the release of 6th Edition of 40k. Other things that has happened   is I have started playing Warmachine again with my favourite faction Khador, now featuring white armour and heels. I came top 16 at the 40k masters up in Dublin or last in other words. This past weekend I came 4th at BroCon while also shotgunning best man, which is a thing now by the way. Also, Gin and Tequila (Thanks to Eoin O' Mahony  and Carol for the introduction to these drinks). They're nice.

This makes girls beautiful by the way. And gets you Best Man.

I may have been not well after a few of these.
In Warmachine news I have entered myself in my LGS 15 pt Highlander Warmachine tournament this weekend with 12 players which will be my second outing with competitive Warmachine. I'm not sure what type of list I will be bringing yet but it will definitely be featuring eSorcha.

In 40k news I will be playing in the first 6th edition tournament down here in Cork "Moo6" and the list I will be bringing is the following:

Librarian w/ Jump Pack, Epistolary, Force Axe, Telepathy
Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack, Power Axe, Infernus Pistol, Melta Bomb
Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack, Power Axe, Infernus Pistol, Melta Bomb
10 Assault Marines w/ Power Fist, 2 Meltaguns
10 Assault Marines w/ Power Fist, 2 Meltaguns
10 Assault Marines w/ Power Fist, 2 Meltaguns
Storm Raven w/ Twin-Linked Multi-Melta, Twin-Linked Lascannon, 4 Bloodstrike Missiles
Storm Raven w/ Twin-Linked Multi-Melta, Twin-Linked Lascannon, 4 Bloodstrike Missiles

Total: 1500

While some people may question the Power Axes on the Independent Characters I find them fantastic. Mainly due to the fact that you can no longer single out Independent Characters in close combat any more and they are AP2 with Strength 6 on the charge. The only way to choose to fight an IC is to now challenge them, for which I have a sacrificial sergeant in each squad to soak those challenges like champions.

Also, I am now going to take the time to thank both Kevin Rynne and David Butler for their awesome hospitality on Saturday night of BroCon and for their BBQ, it was class.

I'm not going to lie. Best Con weekend ever.
Anyway, that's all for now. Will hopefully have a new post soon.

Monday, April 23, 2012


So, after a mediocre finish at MooFool with the Ravens (15th/26) with 2 Wins/ 3 Losses. Got a Win against Necrons and Orks and lost to Grey Knights, Tau and got Gypsied by Sisters (Thanks Lenny!). After this poor result I have decided to put the Ravens away for the time being, mainly breaking them out for events that use the Highlander Format (Funwagon Ho!).

So after MooFool I decided to go back to what I originally played when the 'Dex was first released, DoA. DoA style lists have always been a favourite of mine as I just love the idea of 30-40 marines bouncing across the field to engage in Close Combat with the enemy. I also have another love that will be reflected in this army, my love for all things Pre-Heresy. The army will take a while to get and paint up but it will be something I can hopefully be proud of.

The basic idea of the list revolves around Astorath the Grim and 40 Assault Marines forming the core of the army. The list originally started out with 50 marines but has now since been reduced to 40 for the purposes of adding some much needed Devastators to crack open enemy transports and vehicles that would tear my marines up. Astorath, while being a pretty good beatstick in combat has some great army buffing abilities that he brings along for the relatively cheap price of 220 points. With Astorath in the army, every unit that suffers from The Red Thirst now receives it on a roll of a 1,2 or 3 instead of just a 1. In a recent test game last Thursday against Grey Knights, my whole army bar Astorath's squad became fearless and got furious charge. Fearless Devastators are Class!

The list as it stands at the moments looks like this:

Astorath the Grim 220pts

Librarian w/ Jump Pack, Shield, Blood Lance 125pts

Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack 75pts

Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack 75pts

Sanguinary Priest 50pts

10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns, Power Fist 235pts

10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns, Power Fist 235pts

10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns, Power Fist 235pts

10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns 210pts

5 Devastators w/ 4 Missile Launchers 130pts

5 Devastators w/ 4 Missile Launchers 130pts

5 Devastators w/ 4 Missile Launchers 130pts

So far the addition of Devastators has helped greatly where in the test game on Thursday they knocked out a Vindicare, 2 Razorbacks, a Storm Raven, Death Cult Deathstar blob, Psyflame Dreadnought and an Inquisitor. Without the Devastators in the game I think the game would have been a completely different story with all those extra units floating about.

Really happy with the list at the moment but need to get a good few more games in to see what it's really like.

Friday, March 23, 2012

MooFool List

So I finally decided on a list that I like and works well with my play style. After some bad results with shootying lists at Tournaments such as Warpcon 22 and Itzacon, I have decided to go back to what I did best with for MooFool and the new season. The list I am bringing is the following:


Furioso Dreadnought w/ Extra Armour, Blood Talons

Furioso Dreadnought w/ Extra Armour, Blood Talons

5 Assault Terminators w/ 5 Hammers

Assault Squad w/ Razorback, Twin Las, Dozer, Searchlight

Assault Squad w/ Razorback, Twin Las, Dozer, Searchlight

Assault Squad w/ Razorback, Twin Las, Dozer, Searchlight

10 Scouts w/ Combi-Melta, 9 Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks

Storm Raven w/ Extra Armour, Melta, Assault Cannons, Searchlight

Storm Raven w/ Extra Armour, Melta, Assault Cannons, Searchlight

Total : 1850
So, the list. Fast and Aggressive. My kind of style. The list brings quite solid close combat ability with double Blood Talon Dreadnoughts, Mephiston and the Assault Terminators. Psychic defence is also brought with Mephiston which in today's Meta is something you really need to have in your list as a Marine player. Stopping powers such as Hammerhand, Force Weapons and Jaws can prove invaluable.

The list also has some decent anti-tank with 3 Twin-Linked Lascannons on the Razorbacks, Melta's on the Dreadnoughts and Scouts, plenty of strength 10 and 8 and of course the Gunships themselves, sporting 4 Strength 8, AP1 one shot rockets, twin linked multi melta and a twin linked assault cannon each.

The list also has decent scoring with 4-5 scoring units. One to two of those units almost always having a 2+ cover save when they go to ground.

The Cleanse mission should also give me no hassle with the speed of my scoring units and the ability to outflank with one of them. The ravens are each carrying 2 points worth, along with 1 from themselves. To anyone not in the know with this ETC mission, the objective is to control the most quarters with each unit counting as a certain amount of points. Scoring units are worth 2 each, other units are worth 1 and dedicated transports are worth 0.

Will be getting a good bit of practice in with the list before MooFool to try and work out the kinks in it.

Thanks for reading all. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lists, Lists and more Lists.

So after a very poor performance at Itzacon at the weekend where I got 1 win and 4 losses with a list I had never used before, I've decided that Static and Shooty armies just aren't really for me. 

So after talking with Eoin and Caolán on the bus back I've decided to go back to what I do best. 50/50 Ravens.

This is the initial list we thought of:

Astaroth the Grim 
9 Death Company w/ 1 Power Fist, 9 Bolters
9 Death Company w/ 1 Power Fist, 9 Bolters, Lemartes
Death Company Dreadnought w/ Blood Talons
Death Company Dreadnought w/ Blood Talons
10 Scouts w/ Camo Cloaks, 10 Bolt Pistols + CCW, Power Fist, Combi-Melta
10 Scouts w/ Camo Cloaks, 10 Bolt Pistols + CCW, Power Fist, Combi-Melta
Storm Raven w/ Extra Armour, Melta, Lascannon
Storm Raven w/ Extra Armour, Melta, Lascannon


10 Death Company, Power Fist + Bolter, Power Weapon + Pistol, 8 Bolters, Lemartes
Death Company Dreadnought w/ Talons
Death Company Dreadnought w/ Talons
10 Scouts w/ Camo Cloaks, 10 Bolt Pistols + CCW, Power Fist, Combi-Melta
10 Scouts w/ Camo Cloaks, 10 Bolt Pistols + CCW, Power Fist, Combi-Melta
Baal Predator w/ Flamestorm Cannon, Dozer
Storm Raven w/ Extra Armour, Melta, Lascannon
Storm Raven w/ Extra Armour, Melta, Lascannon


Here's the one that myself and Dan were talking discussing.

Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack
Furioso Dreadnought w/ Extra Armour, Talons
10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns, Fist
10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns, Fist
8 Death Company w/ 8 Bolters, 2 Power Fists, Lemartes
Death Company Dreadnought w/ Talons
Storm Raven w/ Melta, Lascannon, Extra Armour
Storm Raven w/ Melta, Lascannon, Extra Armour

To be honest I'm finding it very hard to pick a winner as they all have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. Lists 2 and 3 are the more likely contenders as they have Psychic protection which in 5th Ed is something you almost always need.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

K-Con 2012.1

So, woke up Saturday morning at 6:00AM after only 3 hours of sleep to stroll down to Eoin O' Mahony's gaff to board the 80's Funwagon that was Eoin's Golf up to Dublin along with Merv, Barry and Donal.

What I was bringing to Dublin with me was a Non-Scoring Blood Angel list that is lovingly entitled The Funwagon. This is the List:

10 Death Company, 2 Power Weapons, Power Fist, Lemartes
Death Company Dreadnought, Blood Talons
Storm Raven, Extra Armour, Assault Cannons, Multi-Melta

Total: 995pts

By the time we got up to Dublin it was gone 10:00AM and the lads in Dublin were waiting for us to arrive before starting, how nice of them. As we walked through Dublin looking for Gamersworld, made the statement of "Did you know that is the tallest spire in all of Dublin?"

This is the tallest Spire in the Pale, Allegedly.

So after arriving I was paired up with a Tau player and Warhead, Oisin McCormac. This was a really bad army for mine to face as it had plenty of Plasma and Railguns.

His list from memory was this:

Commander, Plasma, Missile Pods, 2 Shield Drones
2 Bodyguards, Plasma, Missile Pods
3 Crisis Suits, 3 Twin Linked Missile Pods, 2 Gun Drones
10 Fire Warriors, Devilfish
18 Kroot
3 Broadsides, 1 Twin-Linked Plasma Rifle

Mission was Spearhead, 3 Objectives.
I won't go into much detail of this game as I got hammered and nothing really happened. He had 1st Turn, I deployed my Storm Raven in cover. He got 2 Glances on it with Railguns T1 and I failed both cover saves. He then immobilised it. He took out Meph T3 from massed Missile Pod fire. Death company were reduced to 1 model with a Power Weapon by the end of the game. 19-1 to him.

My second game I was matched up with Peter Major, a fellow BA player and also using a Storm Raven. His list was roughly this:

Libby, Epistolary, Unleash Rage, Might of Heroes.
5 Death Company, Power Fist
6 Assault Marines, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist, Storm Shield
5 Sanguinary Guard, Banner, Fist
Storm Raven, Lascannon, Melta, Hurricane's

Mission was Dawn of War, Annihilation.
He gave me the roll for first turn. I deployed Mephiston in cover and the Raven with its load was going to come on in the First Turn. He chose to Deepstrike Everything. My turn 1 the Raven moves on 12." My turn 2 the Raven boosts up next to Mephiston. His Turn 2 and everything bar the Assault Marines arrive. His shooting does nothing at all. 

My turn 3 the Death Company and the Dread hop out of the Raven. My Raven moves 6" next to his ready to unload on the enemy raven. Meph jumps 12" next to the Sanguinary guard. My Raven fails to Damage his Raven with 4 Missiles, the assault cannon and the Melta. My Death Company dread then proceeds to show the raven how its done by blowing it up with his Meltagun. In my assault phase the DC and the DC dread fail to charge his DC. Meph makes all of his Sanguinary Guard explode.

His Turn 3, his assault marines come in and land behind the Dread. They then immobilise it with their plasma pistol after I told him to shoot it and not my DC. He charges my DC with his and I annihilate his thanks to Lemartes. 

My Turn 4 and Meph makes all of the Assault marines explode too. Game over after 20 minutes and a 20-0 to me.

Game 3 was against Rowan Sheridan with Newcrons. His list was this:

Lord, Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Barge
Destroyer Lord, Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs
1 Cryptek, Lance, Pulse
1 Cryptek, Veil
5 Warriors
5 Immortals
5 Deathmarks
5 Wraiths, 2 Whip Coils
Annihilation Barge.

Mission is Pitched Battle, Capture and Control.
I get 1st Turn and deploy the Raven and Meph on the full 12". My turn 1 I boost the Raven towards the Lord in the barge and the aniihilation barge on the left flank with Mephiston bouncing about 8" to not be charged by the wraiths on Turn 1. My shooting blows up the Command Barge from and out of half range melta shot and his Lord gets Pinned!

His Turn 1 and the Wraiths bounce towards the Raven and Meph. His shooting for the barge does nothing and his lance misses the raven. He then charges Meph who was just in range and then multicharges the Raven. Luckily the Mindshackle Scarabs were not in Base with Meph, or the Whip Coils. Meph kills 1 wraith and wins combat. The Destroyer lord takes a fearless save and takes a wound.

My Turn 2 and the Death Company dread gets out, pops smoke and Limbers up to charge the pinned lord. The death company get out and prepare to charge the wraiths and the Lord. My shooting form the raven see's me blow the Tesla gun thingy off of the Annihilation barge. In the assault phase the Death Company wipe the Wraiths with Lemartes taking a wound in return from the Lord :D . The Death company dread destroys the other lord.

His Turn 2 and his Warriors arrive and walk onto his objective. He moves his annihilation barge to kite the Death Company. His shooting does nothing as his Lance bounced off of the Dreads smoke. 

My Turn 3. I move Meph to a more central location on the board to prepare for the deepstriking immortals. The Death company rage towards the Barge. The Raven boosts 24 towards the warriors. The dread Rage's towards the Deathmarks. My shooting see's me kill 4 warriors form the Ravens Assault Cannons. They Hold. 

His Turn 3. His immortals come in and deepstrike about 21-22" away from Meph. Again his shooting is null.

My Turn 4. The death company rage towards the barge preparing to charge. The dread is also in position to charge the Deathmarks. The raven moves a smidgeon. Meph Flies 12" towards the immortals. My shooting see's the warriors annihilated and Meph fleets 6" towards the immortals. In my assault phase Lemartes kills the Barge, the dread wipes the deathmarks and Meph kills 4 immortals, takes 1 wound and then the 4 immortals get back up. I stay in combat.

His turn 4. Meph kills 4 immortals again. He does no wounds, only  3 get back up this time. 

My Turn 5. Meph kills the 4 immortals and Cryptek.

His Turn 6. His Cryptek gets back up and teleports 3" next to my objective. Luckily he scatters 9" and into the Warp. 

Another 20-0 win for me.

Game 4 and I was matched  up against Chaos playing Jamie Byrne. His list was:

Demon Prince, Wings, Warptime
10 Warriors, Meltagun, Chaos Glory, Power Fist
7-8 Berzerkers, Power Weapon, Rhino
8 Summoned Demons
3 Obliterators

Mission was Dawn of War, 4 Objectives(Placed by players).

He wins roll off and deploys his Prince and 10 warriors. I deploy Meph 18" away.

His 1st Turn and his obliterators and 'Zerkers roll on. 

My Turn 1. My raven boosts on. Meph perils on a double 6 and hobbles through terrain. The Raven shoots his rhino and immobilises it. 

His Turn 2. Demons show up. Arrive next to warriors. Shoots the Raven with the Oblits and does nothing. 

My Turn 2. Ravens moves up and Deploys the Dread and the Death Company. Meph flies up next to the demons. Dread charges the warriors and kills 6, gets immobilised but the warriors run off the table. Meph kills 1 demon, the Death company rape the Demon prince and consolidate towards the Oblits keeping more than 1" between themselves. 

His turn 3. Berzerkers get out to charge Meph. His Oblits fall back a few inches. His shooting kills 2 Death Company. Meph gets charged, he kills 4 Berzerkers. They do 2 wounds in return. he loses another berzerker and 2 Demons.

My Turn 4. I charge the oblits and annihilate them. The raven kills the rhino and meph kills the Zerkers. He calls the game here after 20 minutes.

Another 20-0 to me.

Game 5 and I'm Matched up against French player Kevin Salandini with his Dark Eldar.

10 Witches, Power Weapon thingy, Raider
10 Warriors, Cannon
5 Incubi
Razorwing fighter or something.

Mission was Spearhead, Killpoints.
He wins roll to go first and turtles in a corner. I deploy Meph and Reserve the Raven.

His Turn 1 and he shoots Meph and does 2 wounds.

My Turn 1. I fly and run Meph into a piece of Terrain where he cannot be seen by anything.

His Turn 2. He repositions a bit.

My Turn 2. No Raven. Doesnt show till Turn 5.

His Turn 5. He boosts everything.

My Turn 5. Raven boosts on, fires an assault cannon at the Raider hoping to bag a single Kill Point to win but alas it didn't even glance.

Game ends 10-10 after literally a 5 minute game.

I finish on 71/100

I could have possibly finished 1st by getting a good win against Kevin and hoping that Donal and Ralph drew. I was also sitting pretty in 2nd until the very end of the Tournament when Colin Murray got a 20-0 on his last game and Jumped me.

Overall I was very impressed with how the No-Scoring troops list went and I'm now bringing Double Funwagon to Itzacon for the Craic.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WarpCon 2012

Long time no post. Will have the Moo4 and Gaelcon reports up soon but first I will be dealing with what I am bringing to WarpCon 2012.

So with WarpCon around the corner I have begun to build a Hybrid BA list which consists of Jumpers + Preds for those not in the loop of the Ol' 40K Lingo.

The list I am going to be bringing is as follows:

Librarian w/ Jump Pack, Unleash Rage, Shield [125]
Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack, Power Weapon [90]
Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack [75]
Sanguinary Guard w/ Chapter Banner, 2 Infernus Pistols, Power Fist [260]
10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns, Power Fist [235]
10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns, Power Fist [235]
5 Assault Marines w/ Meltagun [110]
Baal Predator w/ Twin-Linked Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Dozer Blade [150]
Baal Predator w/ Twin-Linked Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Dozer Blade [150]
Baal Predator w/ Twin-Linked Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Dozer Blade [150]
Predator w/ Lascannon Sponsons [135]
Predator w/ Lascannon Sponsons [135]

So this list. It's A LOT more different to my usual "50-50" Ravens that I am so famous for playing :P . It requires much more thought as to what the units can and will do and the need to know where those units will end up in the next few turns. It's a big change for me as I'm so used to forcing the Ravens down my opponents throat and hoping for the best.

So far the list has suffered a Loss against Infantry Guard (No idea how to play against the list), Draw against Grey Knights, Win against Grey Knights and a Loss to Vanilla Marines. Mistakes were made and lessons learned throughout these games though which has really helped shape the list and myself into what it is now.

Now to the units and they're functions/performance.

First up the Sanguinary Guard. At first I was skeptical about using these guys as I knew from my 2 years BA laying experience that they were a fragile CC unit and one which requires Precision movements and assaults. For me they act as a clean up unit and tend to go after a unit which was previously assaulted by a block of Assault Marines. They are also great for taking out other small elite units like Grey Knights for example. I put the Power Weapon equipped priest with them so that when they charge and thanks to the banner they have 16 Master Crafter Power Weapon attacks at Strength 5 and Initiative 5 and another 5 Power Weapon attacks from the priest at Strength 5, Initiative 5 and Weapon Skill 5.  If that Isn't enough to eliminate their target their is a Power Fist with 4 attacks waiting to swing. This unit can also kill every vehicle in the game as they are equipped with Infernus Pistols : Str 8 AP1, Melta Range 6" Pistols. They are one of my favourite units in the list and really help my deal with Terminators as they statistically kill 3-4 Storm Shield equipped Terminators or 5-6 Regular Terminators.

Now to the Assault Marines. These 25 guys are the core of the army. One squad of 10 will almost always contain the Librarian and the Sanguinary Priest with no Power weapon. The two 10 man squads are typically the units which are the backbone of my assaults and will almost always be advancing up behind or near the Baal predators. The Librarians Unleash Rage combined with Furious Charge from the Priest makes a 10 man Assault Squad hit like a ton of bricks and at a higher Initiative step than most enemies in the game (I5). They are also very survivable with a 3+ Armour save followed by a 4++ Feel no Pain from the priest and a 5++ cover save from the Librarian if needed. The 5 man squad of Assault Marines will typically be the suicide squad that tries to take out a critical unit like a Land Raider or else they are my backyard objective holders that hide behind the Auto-Las Predators.

The Baal Predators. My absolute favourite unit of the army (this is without my own personal love for Jump Marines). They are an absolutely astounding unit in my eyes. With "Fast" and the "Scout" Universal Special Rules they are easily able to get great side armour shots on enemy armour if need. They are also pretty reliable at taking out armour as they are all fitted out with Twin-Linked Assault Cannons spitting out 4 strength 6 Rending shots each. This is along with th 6 Heavy bolter shots at strength 5 that they are alos putting out. These tanks are also capable of outflanking which can be great for hitting side armour of vehicles like the Imperial Guard Chimera or even the Manticore. The Baals are also kitted out with dozer blades so they are typically very reliable at crossing terrain without getting immobilized. Even when the Baals are missing their main guns as they have a very powerful ram attack that Ivan Sheehan wasn't very fond of at the weekend when I was playing his Grey Knights with 2 Baals wrecking a Psyfleman Dread and blowing an arm off of a second dread.

Onto the Auto-Las Predators. These are a fantastic tank for annihilating other Armour. At 135 points they are a cheap buy as they also come with "Fast" as standard allowing them to move 6" and still fire all of their guns to full effect unlike the equivalent Wolves/Templars/Vanilla Marines predators which have to stay stationary to fire all of their weaponry. These predators are typically at the back of the board firing away at the enemy while protecting an objective at the same time. And as they are always moving 6" at the very least makes them that bit harder to hit in Close Combat.

So, that ends my breakdown of my list for WarpCon 2012. Thoughts?